by Brandon Butler
Tim Cook: “We’re not trying to make money off of your data” 11/26/2019

Tim Cook, in a video interview with ABC News:

“For [Apple], our products are iPhones, and iPads, and AirPods, and if we convince you to buy one, we can make a little bit of money off of that and reinvest it and make some more and have a good business. But we’re not trying to make money off of your data. And so Apple looks at this very differently. We view privacy as a fundamental human right. I’m personally very worried that in a world where nothing is private, freedom of expression just evaporates.”

Cook seriously understands the importance of privacy and the way it can erode how we express ourselves when everyone is always being watched. He also touches on — in the most tip-toe-y way possible — the topic of breaking up large companies. A quick eight-minute video, but where the hell was this filmed?