by Brandon Butler
Time Flies: New Watches and iPads, Apple One bundle, and Fitness+ 9/15/2020

The Verge has a recap of all of the major announcements from Apple’s Times Flies event today, including the new Apple Watch Series 6, the new iPads, and the new Apple One bundle with the new Fitness+.

Overall, a fairly low key, and unexciting event. I think a lot of this has to do with the regular, clock-like release schedule Apple has created for itself over the last fifteen years. It’s hard to be surprised by a clock. The release of so many products — especially products like an iPad, which when you look at it is just a big screen, or an Apple Watch, which is just a tiny screen — that are so commonplace — almost mundane — barely warrant a press release.

I think Apple still has a lot to surprise and delight us with; I just don’t think the iPad and Watch are the things to do it.

And I’ll admit: I wanted to see a new AirPod category, a smaller, cheaper Apple TV, a HomePod mini, and finally AirPower (it’ll happen, someday). The products I was ready to spend money on today never appeared.

Next month should get us the iPhone, possibly some of the above hardware, and maybe the first Apple silicon Mac. Maybe.

I am tempted to try that Fitness+, but I don’t own an Apple Watch, and I’m not sure I want to buy one just so I can jump around in front of my iPad. That, too, was a big let down, although in retrospect I should have expected a fitness service to require the Apple Watch.

But there was one huge surprise today that I don’t think anyone saw coming: iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are both releasing tomorrow.