by Brandon Butler
Twitch panics at live Metallica concert, replaces audio stream with royalty free junk 2/23/2021

Jem Aswad at Variety:

The gaming platform Twitch, which has had no shortage of music-copyright problems in recent months, cut off the audio for Metallica’s BlizzCon performance Friday due to legal concerns, replacing it with comically inappropriate instrumental folk music. That the switch came in the middle of “Enter Sandman,” one of the group’s biggest hits, only made the disconnect more enraging and/or hilarious.

If you needed a look at the state of Twitch streaming in 2021, this sums it up nicely. The music was cleared by Blizzard and was only replaced on Twitch. Recall Twitch is owned by Amazon which has a massive streaming music library, so you would think they’d understand how all of this works.