by Brandon Butler
Two Geese, One Untitled Game 9/24/2020

The PlayStation Blog has a post from Nico Disseldorp from House House, developer of the amazingly fun Untitled Goose Game. A new update to the game (out now on all systems!) allows for a local two player game, with two geese wrecking havoc on the poor townsfolk. From the blog post:

After the game’s release last year, we had an opportunity to do some more work on the game. One of our favourite things about the response to the game was how many people were playing together with their friends, watching or taking turns. So we decided that the most exciting thing for us would be to add that second goose into the game.

In this post I want to share with you what it was like to add a two player mode into a game that didn’t originally have one. Both in terms of what kind of work we had to do, and how it turned out once it was finished.

When it came to adding a new goose to the game, there were a few big things we had to do, and lots and lots of small things.

Remember, this update is available for all systems, so grab a friend and a couch and start honking.