by Brandon Butler
US Govt blacklists drone maker DJI 12/18/2020

Chaim Gartenberg and Russell Brandom at The Verge:

DJI — one of the largest and most popular drone companies in the world — has been added to the US Department of Commerce’s Entity List, designating the Chinese company as a national security concern and banning US-based companies from exporting technology to the company. […]

The specific filing adding DJI to the entity list accuses the company of “enabled wide-scale human rights abuses within China through abusive genetic collection and analysis or high-technology surveillance.” This is likely a reference to DJI’s involvement in providing drones to the Chinese government to surveill detention camps in the Xinjiang provice, as detailed in a Bloomberg Businessweek report.

DJI makes the best drones on the market, but the cost might be a little high now for conscientious American consumers.