by Brandon Butler
US Govt Wants Crypto Backdoors, Will Impose Their Will To Get It 12/13/2019

The other day the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled Apple and Facebook on providing the government with backdoors to encrypted phones and messaging apps. The tech companies really did their best to placate the Senators but this wasn’t a tech-heavy meeting, this was the government wanting something changed that they simply don’t understand. Breaking encryption hurts everyone forced to use that encryption, and you can’t make a backdoor that only one government/entity has access to. As soon as a one person has the keys, everyone will have the keys. Facebook even warned that if the US forces companies to create less secure devices that consumers will simply buy their devices from “foreign application providers.”

Ars Technica’s report on the whole ordeal sums it up nicely with a choice quote from Senator Lindsey Graham, showing just how much of a waste of time the entire ordeal was:

“My recommendation to you is that you all get on with it… By this time next year, if you haven’t come up with a solution that we can all live with, we will impose our will on you.”

Dear China, here are all of our passwords. Signed, USA.