by Brandon Butler
Very Good Pizza at Apple Park 11/4/2019

Vice is reporting that Apple Park has “very good” pizza. Some say it’s the best pizza in the country:

“I swear, it’s the best pizza I have had in the United States,” said Italian citizen and iPhone hacker Luca Todesco. “It’s really good.”

Ivan Rodriguez, an engineer who works in the valley and who also said he ate the Apple pizza in 2017, said that “it’s made to order, it’s warm and perfect.”

“I’m a pizza lover, I literally eat pizza on every city I visit, I can say it was a good pizza, the sauce was great. The cheese was melted perfectly and I don’t know which blends they used but it was rich and delicious,” Rodriguez said. “I’m a huge Apple fan and eating pizza at Apple’s HQ was a dream come true for me.”

And served in an Apple-patented round pizza box.