by Brandon Butler
Volkswagen rebrands to Voltswagen a little earlier than planned 3/30/2021

Michael Wayland for CNBC:

Volkswagen accidentally posted a press release on its website a month early on Monday announcing a new name for its U.S. operations, Voltswagen of America, emphasizing the German automaker’s electric vehicle efforts.

Voltswagen/Volkswagen has confirmed the name change — I’m certain the marketing department was deep into a big style name reveal event, so this leak has got to be incredibly disappointing for them. But does VW currently sell any electric vehicles? I can’t think of a single one.

It was all a fucking joke. And to think I took pity on their marketing team. Then again, the people at Volkswagen are experts at lying. The company claims this is an April fools stunt, but A) it’s not April 1st for another two days and B) they went on record with reporters stating it was a real thing they were doing. The Verge staff are pissed that VW lied to them and wasted their time, and I don’t blame them.