by Brandon Butler
We Should All Be Lucky Enough to Live in a Dome Home 9/13/2020

From Kelsey McKinney for the new Defector, writing on a dome home to give your life purpose:

The dome home is an absolute mess and I want it very badly. The whole thing is built like an angular, ugly, snowglobe. It is built atop a first floor made of concrete with eight sides as wide as they are high, like one of those mid-2000s bangles you bought at Forever 21. The dome part is made of triangles tilted together into a geometric turtle shell shape. Were it not covered in shingles, brown and flat like a pile of leaves, it would look like one of the playground structures a kid in my elementary school class fell off of and broke his arm. The windows are placed at uneven intervals and the railing on the porch is clearly much newer than the porch itself. There is one giant pentagon window, though, which seems to be convex and I imagine would cast rainbows on the ceiling of the dome in the late afternoons after it rains. 

Only $90k. A steal!