by Brandon Butler
Websites for vaccine sign-ups suck, and it’s another American embarrassment 1/12/2021

Nicole Wetsman for The Verge:

Through the pandemic, gaps in internet access and digital literacy have made other aspects of health care delivery challenging for people who struggle to use technology. Many doctors moved to telehealth, but people without internet access — who tend to be older, non-white, and low income — are less likely to schedule telehealth appointments and are at risk for cracks in their care. They were left out of other services as well: someone without internet access wouldn’t have been able to order groceries through an online service, for example, Nash says.

I’ve been seeing news about these terrible websites, like this tweet from Bloomberg reporter Polly Mosendz that shows a 51-step questionnaire that requires multiple attachments. She’s just trying to get her 83-year-old grandmother the vaccine. Twitter has been full of these types of ridiculously bad websites and bureaucratic red tape that is killing people. And Biden plans to administer 100 million vaccines in 100 days? It can’t happen.

I think of my parents, who struggle with a Google search, trying to navigate these websites and it infuriates me. They don’t live close by, and it’s not safe for me to drive out to them to help them with this, even if I could.

It shouldn’t be like this. Show your ID, get the shot, move on to the next person. Worry about the money and paperwork later. Start saving lives now.