by Brandon Butler
WeChat users claim violation of First Amendment rights in WeChat ban 10/16/2020

Kim Lyons for The Verge:

A judge in San Francisco said Thursday she’s not likely to lift a temporary block on the US government’s attempts to ban WeChat. […]

[A] group of users calling themselves the WeChat Users Alliance — not officially connected to WeChat or parent company Tencent — says banning the app in the US would violate users’ free speech rights, and such a ban specifically targets Chinese Americans.

Considering how central WeChat is to Chinese Americans (from purchases and news to phones calls, and even used by police for information about the pandemic and medical information) banning it is a targeted attack against a single demographic. If the government has actual security concerns against Tencent, they should ban WeChat and League of Legends and Fortnite and reddit and Snapchat and Spotify… the list goes on, as Tencent is involved with a lot of American companies in a lot of ways, including full ownership, partial ownership, and investments.