by Brandon Butler
With the blessing of Prop 22, Grocery stores fire employees with benefits and replace them with cheap gig workers 1/5/2021

Mike Dickerson for Knock:

When Dylan’s grocery delivery arrived a few days before New Years, it came with some bad news. The delivery driver who brought his groceries from Vons mentioned that drivers across the state are getting fired by Vons, Pavilions, and other California stores owned by Albertsons Companies at the end of January. Stores will instead turn to a third-party delivery service using independent contractors. […]

Many drivers under the Albertsons Companies umbrella are union employees, while Ralphs delivery is operated by Instacart and Target uses Shipt, a similar app. With this move from Vons and Albertsons, most shoppers in California will no longer have a unionized choice for grocery deliveries.

These layoffs are unsurprising after the passage of Proposition 22, which gutted worker protections while making it easier for companies to shift financial burdens onto newly-designated “independent contractors.”

Prop 22 passed just two months ago. This is just the beginning of the train wreck. A lot more people are going to lose their jobs, their union protections, and their benefits.