by Brandon Butler
Wonder Woman 1984 will be streaming on Christmas 11/19/2020

Julia Alexander for The Verge, with some huge streaming news:

One of 2020’s last big blockbusters, Wonder Woman 1984, will simultaneously be released in theaters and on HBO Max on December 25th.

A press release from Warner Bros. confirms the film will be available for one month, and premiere in theaters in international markets on December 16th. […]

Unlike Mulan, Wonder Woman 1984 won’t cost anything extra beyond the monthly subscription fee.

The Verge says after that one month of free streaming, WW84 will be a theater exclusive, then go through the usual release period of digital and disc sales before likely returning to HBO Max.

When Hamilton released on Disney+, the service saw a huge boost in subscribers; will WW84 have the same effect on HBO Max? If WarnerMedia and HBO can get the advertising right, this could be a very big Christmas them. But regardless of streaming subscribers or box office returns, this is the right way to release a film during a pandemic. And at no additional cost than the price of an HBO Max subscription.