by Brandon Butler
Xbox Series X and S Launching November 10 9/10/2020

Kyle Orland for Ars Technica:

Microsoft has finally revealed a $499 “estimated retail price” for its top-end Xbox Series X. That system will launch alongside the $299 Xbox Series S on November 10, the company confirmed this morning.

Microsoft is also expanding its existing “All Access” subscription program to give customers access to its next-gen hardware with no upfront cost. Qualifying players who commit to a $25/month subscription for the Series S (or $35/month for the Series X) for two years get the console as well as access to all the games available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (and its attendant xCloud streaming options).

I’m liking that All Access subscription; it makes the Xbox into an “impulse-buy” kind of console. I wonder if Sony has any response to this for the PS5.

Also, the size of that heat sink in the exploded graphic looks huge. Hard to say without a banana for scale, but it’ll be interesting to see the tear downs of this thing. But I love the design of both the X and S.

Microsoft is making it hard to say no to an Xbox.