by Brandon Butler
You Could Own All That Remains of MoviePass for a Quarter of a Million Dollars 5/18/2020

Remember MoviePass? The bankruptcy auction starts today, and Todd Spangler at Variety has the details on what is — and is not — included in the sale:

So what would a potential buyer of MoviePass actually be getting?

According to court documents, the assets include all proprietary software and code used by MoviePass for the operation of its mobile app, website and services; certain sample polling analyses containing selective operating metrics prepared by MoviePass; and five domain names:,,, and

Also included in the MoviePass sale are ownership rights to the defunct service’s trademarks plus a trio of patents […].

Important asterisk: Polling data from a time before a global pandemic. And what isn’t included?

However, none of the personally identifiable information on former MoviePass customers (such as emails addresses) will be part of the bankruptcy sale, which may arguably be the most valuable piece of the now-defunct service.

And just out of curiosity, say I was interested in the purchase of a few domains and some old code, where does the bidding start?

The investment firm advising the Helios and Matheson’s bankruptcy trustee has set bids for MoviePass at a minimum of $250,000.

Good luck with that.