by Brandon Butler
Your COVID vaccine is out for delivery 12/13/2020

The New York Times, “F.D.A. Clears Pfizer Vaccine, and Millions of Doses Will Be Shipped Right Away

The Food and Drug Administration authorized Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use on Friday, clearing the way for millions of highly vulnerable people to begin receiving the vaccine within days.

The authorization is a historic turning point in a pandemic that has taken more than 290,000 lives in the United States.

This vaccine is so important only because the US has shit the bed in terms of dealing with this pandemic. I went to the grocery store at 8:30 AM this morning and saw multiple people not wearing a mask correctly by not covering their nose. And now we have record amounts of people in the ICU because they didn’t stay home for Thanksgiving. We’re killing each other here and it’s completely unnecessary. Trump failed us first, but then we repeatedly failed each other.